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 The Ugi ball, which took two years of research and development, is a plush, weighted workout            ball with the squish of a beanbag, the bounce-back of a stress ball, and the beauty of simple          design. At just 15 inches in diameter, it’s both stylish and portable, and – with 6 lbs,                             8 lbs, 10 lbs and 12 lbs versions. 

Our 1st order arrived Sept 1st and was implemented at the Nissan Canada location.  Right out               of the gates UGI was a HUGE hit.  C.D.F.W  launced the ugi  Nov 11th!






Here's what my participants are saying about  it:


I really liked it – a new spin on weights!

 I found some of the routines a little difficult at 2 minutes, which is a good thing –                         it makes us aware there is always something bigger than us. I especially liked the                 cardio aspect – that is something I need to fit into my schedule more regularly.

 Although I have been doing POW for 1 ½ years, I feel each day is a new experience                        – and you proved it once again! Thanks for UGI Karen!


 Surprisingly challenging!  Amazing core and strength work out, but fun at the                                same time. Love how you are always at the front of new trends for us.                                     Even after 2 years and taking 2 to 3 classes a week, I have never had the same                              work out twice.

I loved the UGI ball…. It is so different. It is always a challenge to try something                         new, progress in endurance and strength and see benefit from it. While the going                         is tough I know the outcome will be rewarding.

I thought the maneuvers were simple enough and yet extremely challenging. It                               sure didn’t take long to realize, it was going to take some time to build stamina.

Despite the fact that my arms and abs are sore, I am looking very forward to                              the next UGI ball session.



"We worked with the UGi Ball for the first time and I found the workout to be a                   challenging, but really fun workout.  The ball seemed light, but was heavy; hard                            and soft all at the same time. 

 We did a full body workout using a variety of strength exercises with core                             moves and cardio challenges interspersed throughout the sets.

  I really enjoy the way Karen creates both a challenge and creativity to                                 workouts by always changing the equipment in her routines. I never know what                            to expect when I walk into one of her classes.  Now she has added the Ugi to                             her smorgasbord of "toys".   I think the Ugi may become one of my favourites."