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1.2 MILLION dollars has been donated to SickKids Hospital from our many Events over the last 14 years


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C.D.F.W    Introduces  

TRX may have been developed for the Navy SEALs, but you don't have to be in secret-weapon shape to work out with TRX. The concept of the TRX suspension training is pretty basic: you use two cables on your feet or hands to partially suspend your body and use your own body weight as resistance. The muscle groups you work as well as how hard you work them all depend on the positioning of your body on the cables. 

What is     

The Bodyblade® is unlike any other piece of exercise equipment on the market today. Its premise is to fire up the small underdeveloped/under used muscle with the  scientific application of low level vibration and inertia. The Bodyblade rapidly changes directions at a rhythm of 4.5 cycles per second, which translates to your body reacting 270 times per minute to resist the forces of the blade moving back and forth.

What this means is that your body becomes the machine and the Bodyblade becomes your exercise partner. The harder you push and pull on the blade, the greater the oscillation or flex in the blade, which requires greater force output from you to neutralize the speed and movement .
Here's what is being said already about the NEW BODYBLADE.
"One of the things I greatly appreciate about Karen is that she never brings us the trendy piece of equipment just because it’s the “in” thing at the time. She brings us the exercise science knowledge behind each piece of equipment she uses, explains how this will help us build stronger and healthier bodies and then challenges us to use the equipment. The Bodyblade is no exception. This skinny piece of equipment has probably been the most challenging thing I’ve tried with Karen. She explained how the Bodyblade would help with my shoulder issues without putting stress on the injury. I was surprised at how I was able to work my shoulders (with Karen’s personalized attention to my injury) with no pain AND build up quite a sweat at the same time. Even a day after an intense workout I feel no pain in my shoulders! I'm looking forward to experiencing how she will incorporate the BodyBlade into our classes"
B. Mistry  Client since 2009
"I found the blade to be a challenging workout requiring both the body and mind to work in unison and perfect balance. Focus too intensely, you'll mess it up, use too much muscle power, you'll over-work the blade.
But don't be fooled by the need for a gentler touch, the gentle manipulation of the blade creates the challenge by directly targeting those under-used, weaker muscles - ouchy ouchy!"
A. Ward   Client since 2010

"Karen is always looking for new ways to challenge us, regardless of our level of fitness. Her approach is always fun and she pushes us to do our best with every workout.

The Bodyblade is another way in which she has found to further challenge us … defeat the blade and succeed at our fitness goals.

Thanks to Karen and the team at Carpe Diem Fitness and Wellness for bringing out the best in me with every workout!"

L. Tracz Client since 2004

The blade’s appearance is deceitful! It looks somewhat harmless and is light to hold but using it correctly is definitely challenging for your muscles as well as aerobically. For my first Blade workout, I had to stop several times just to catch my breath and correct my form. I’m looking forward to experiencing the hundreds of different ways to work with the Blade, build up my endurance and perfect my form.

N. John Client since 2007



We strive to bring you the latest science based programming available.  We are now licensed and certified to run Tabata BootCamp Programming at Carpe Diem Fitness & Wellness Inc.

While Tabata Protocal is NOT new to C.D.F.W (we've been using it for 3 years) the Tabata BootCamp style is. The emerging body of research shows small doses of exercise add up to big improvements in health, fitness and weightloss.  This is largely to the  "AFTERBURN EFFECT" or E.P.O.C. (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption)  Simply put...You are  BURNING CALORIES  and METABOLIZE more fat long after your workout. 

 TABATA, the workout that never stops giving!

 “More is not better, Better is better"




Congrats to our 25 C.D.F.W Riders who took to the roads at

The 60Km Tour De Mississauga Sept 2012 




We were the 1st in Mississauga to introduce ...


Here's what they're saying about Beamfit and UGI

"I’ve been doing Pilates with Karen for almost 3 years now. So when she told us about this new system we were going to be using, I mentally giggled at it. Really, what could a cushy 5ft long beam do? Boy was I glad I giggled mentally and not out loud! I couldn’t believe how difficult it was to do what we’ve normally been doing, but on the Beam, just a few inches off the ground. This unassuming piece of equipment really challenged my core and stability – and made me feel like I was back in my early days of doing Pilates - with quivering arms and legs. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of difficulty involved and am very ready for my next round at the Beam!"

"Ohh my god the UGI is filled with the DEVIL...I LUV LUV LUV it!"

"this crazy soft ball made me hurt for DAYS!"

"I've been in Karen's POW Class for 4 years...WHY do I luv her so...she bring s the greatest strength tools to the forefront and challenges me in ways I never thought!!!!"

"TABUGI....are you KIDDING me Tabata with an UGI....K..ur evil!"


 5Th Annual

Spin For the CURE

Tuesday Sept 4th 7-9pm  Sign up in the STUDIO!

Over the years we have raised over $10,000 for The Weekend to End Womens Cancers!

Carpe Diem Bicycle Planter

Carpe Diem Fitness & Wellness is participating in a ~NEW~ Mississauga Parks initative aiming to beautify our Parks. What better way then to add a beautiful Bike (not a spin bike) filled with annuals and perrinieals. C.D.F.W is funding the project in a park just near the facility. This bicycle has been planted in honour of Jenna Santelli and all she did to make this world a better place!



  Pedal Power has sponsored

"Artist for The Day" at SickKids Hospital.  This is a day where the young patients of the 8th Floor are invited to the Arts and Craft room at the hospital to enjoy a day of painting.  In most cases the ART is donated back to Pedal Power for Sale at our Silent Auction.

Here is a sneak peak at some of their MASTERPEICES:


                      Ty 3 3/4                         Marco Age 4                                   Mom and Zoe age 7 



Melissa (mom) and Issy age 3




Thank you, to all who participated in our Wellness Day!

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