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1.2 MILLION dollars has been donated to SickKids Hospital from our many Events over the last 14 years


we couldn't have done it without you and this amazing Community



What happened Sunday April 19th was nothing short of the best day ever at Carpe Diem Fitness..

10 Years ago Barbara, Rocchina and I set out to raise money for SicKids Hospital, Leukemia Research, with the help of Hats off 2 Kidz.  Each years the goal we set became larger and larger and each year we surpassed those goals...with the help of MANY riders, friends , family and  corporate sponors. In year 5 we really believed we could commit to 1 million dollars. SO WE DID!

To date we have raised over $875,000.  This year we intend on reaching the 1 MILLION DOLLAR MARK we set out for 6 years ago!

Save the DATE Sunday April 17th 2016....riding to a MILLION!!

To sign up or for more information:


The Magnificent Million, 10 Hour Endurance Riders, will mount their Spin Bikes on April 17th  for the entire day!

(left to right) Alexis Johnson, Joanne Pettifer, Sherry McDouga, Gary Gallant, Wilfred Picardo, Linda Waterfield, Greg Obradovitch,  Jill Geen, Suzanne Forster, (missing ) Jeff  Johnson


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Together we can ...and have made a difference in the life of a child

Thank you

Karen, Barbara and Rocchina

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